About us

Itineraries, packages and services to discover the most beautiful Umbria by bike

About us

Umbria & Bike is the regional thematic consortium dedicated to cycling tourism, made up of experts in the sector, great cycling enthusiasts and profound connoisseurs of the territory of Umbria and the opportunities that this offers to lovers of cycling.

Through these skills we are specialized in the creation and organization of bike tours in the “Green Heart of Italy”, offering numerous proposals of varying difficulty and type, according to customer needs, but all characterized by the high quality of the services and by the authenticity and beauty of the touched places.

Our philosophy

Since the birth of the consortium we have decided to promote our beautiful land, to make it known in Italy and around the world with quality tours. For this reason we have chosen to offer various types of cycling holidays, but all developed exclusively in Umbria, with only short passes in the surrounding regions. Our product is specialized in a restricted area, but for this reason we are convinced that we can offer you something better and special, thanks to the capillary knowledge of the territory, its excellence and the “friendly” accommodation facilities of cyclists.

All our tours are “handmade”, designed and structured by our experts who were born in Umbria and who for years have been pedaling and living this territory with love. We are convinced that no one better than them knows how to choose the best routes and the most beautiful places to see to tell the emotions that Umbria can offer.

Why choose Umbria & Bike?


Bike Tours

We propose offers of varying difficulty and type, according to the needs, but all characterized by the beauty of the places

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We think about everything

We will provide you with detailed maps, road books and gps tracks of the route, we will book the best places to sleep

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In Umbria with love

Discover by bike the authenticity and the beauty of the Green Heart of Italy

Self guided tour in freedom

The self-guided tours are the ideal holiday for those who want to ride with friends or family in total freedom, without the constraint of fixed dates or pre-established rhythms of guided tours, but with the necessary directions to enjoy the holiday in total tranquility.

Guided tours

Guided tours are the best solution for those who love traveling with friends and want an “all inclusive” service, without any additional thought.

You will be pampered from arrival to departure, we will think about the transport of luggage and during the journey by bike you will always have a guide at your disposal, to illustrate the points of interest, to satisfy your curiosity and solve any problem.