Have you missed Tiferno Wild Gravel? Read here how it went…

Have you missed Tiferno Wild Gravel? Read here how it went…

In the weekend of the 27th and 28th of May the very first edition of the Tiferno Wild Gravel cycle tourism event took place in Città di Castello.
It’s about a non competitive sports event organized by Umbria & Bike with the Sports association MTBistincalliti with the aim of promoting the Upper Tiber territory.

In a bunch of words, it’s a two days adventure in a land of country roads, to explore untouched landscapes and enjoying a fun and safe outdoor cycling day.

Tiferno Wild Gravel is no adventure for pro-bikers only.
It was created with the aim of making something that would entertain everyone, indeed.
There is something for every age and every physique!

If you’re looking for a new adventure that would bond your passion for the bike with good italian food and people, Tiferno Wild Gravel is right for you!

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3 reasons you should join Tiferno Wild Gravel next year

     1) Because it’s a way to explore the outdoor soul of Umbria

Joining a cycle event could scare some people: will it be too much for me? Can my family join the event? What if I don’t have any bike?

Don’t worry, Umbria & Bike thought of everything!

The bravest ones will choose the 65 km long itinerary, which follows the Tiber River cycle path, facing mixed routes that can be gentle and peaceful sometimes, and other times challenging and demanding, nevertheless always breathtaking.
Along the itinerary we organized 2 refreshment spots made of energetic typical products, plus a well deserved final pasta party.

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     2) Because it’s an experience for anyone, even for those who own no bike!

Children were playing around on the easy and fun route specially designed in Piazza delle Tabacchine “Road Safety” themed.
Many families have relied on the expert cycling guide to embark on a 12 km adventure immersed in the luxuriant Green Heart of Italy, among easy but equally exciting dirt roads.

And no, there was no need to bring the whole family’s bikes with you; Umbria & Bike, in collaboration with Renty Bike, made it possible for adults and children to rent bicycles.
Although the next edition of the Tiferno Wild Gravel will be in 2024, Umbria & Bike designs tailor-made cycling experiences for the family all year round.

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     3) Because it’s an opportunity to discover a whole territory in a different way

Umbria & Bike wants you to travel in total safety, with expert cycling guides.

Tiferno Wild Gravel is not just an event about bicycles; it is an event about people.
We immediately thought of a way to combine nature, good food and travellers.

Having this experience means discovering new tracks, challenging yourself and meeting people with the same passion for cycling. You will discover an Italian region rich in history, culture and natural beauty, experiencing the feeling of freedom that only cycling offers and enjoying a unique atmosphere.

Keep yourself free for May 2024; get involved in the magic of the Tiber Valley!